Pixie Wings Tavern

Pixie Wings Tavern
Image showing the inside of the Pixie Wings Tavern

The Pixie Wings Tavern offers a respite from the hustle and bustle of city streets.

A brightly painted sign of a pair of iridescent pixie wings waves gently in the breeze, silently inviting all inside. Upon entering, you are instantly wrapped in an air of warmth which seemingly emanates from the small hanging lanterns that bathe the entire ground floor in a golden sheen. The walls are entirely covered with rich dark wood panelling and hangings depicting scenes of forests from the dreams of fey creatures, bringing a little bit of faerie charm into the chaos of the city life. A gargantuan roaring fireplace dominates one corner, its mantelpiece covered with curious trinkets and mementos from far-off lands.

The bar runs the entire length of the far wall, crafted from polished oak and inlaid with intricate carvings of woodland creatures. Behind it stretches a vast array of bottles, each filled to the brim with glistening exotic spirits and ales, alluringly awaiting attention. The tavern offers uniquely varied signature drinks, such as Pixie Mead, which is sweet and effervescent with a touch of wildflowers, and Rosie's Stout, which is bold and hearty in flavours.

Inside of the Pixie Wings Tavern

Scattered throughout are sturdy wooden tables and chairs, each set with a collection of worn mismatched cushions that, surprisingly, tend to be comfortable.

Matching the lively atmosphere of the room, the staff at Pixie Wings are always friendly and efficient. With a quick smile and a story to tell. Elara, one of the half-elf owners, always knows what drink would suit the mood, and is quick to recommend her favourite — the effervescent Pixie Mead.

The service staff—mostly humans, some halflings, and the occasional gnome—move nimbly through the crowd, attending to every patron's need. Many of the service staff are also dressed to match the environment, with some even wearing an illusion that makes them appear as though they have pixie wings.

The menu at the Pixie Wings Tavern consists of hearty home-style dishes to complement the drinks and casual atmosphere. Venison stew in steaming bowls, freshly baked bread, and decadent savoury pies are a few of the mouth-watering dishes offered at this tavern.

The Pixie Wings tavern is more than just a public house; it serves as a way station for adventurers and locals alike. Here, stories are shared, friendships are made, and sometimes the grand quests of yore are set into action.

Whether you seek a quiet corner for reflection or an uproarious night of merry revelry, an adventure awaits all who step through the doors of The Pixie Wings Tavern.